Parent Testimonials

Practical Advice

“It is so good to be given practical advice that can be used to help with issues.” – Jacquie, Weybridge

Authentic and Enjoyable

“Really enjoyed the Raising Teenagers workshop.  Really helpful to take time out to reflect on what is important and where we could improve.  Authentic, enjoyable and personable.” – Anonymous, Egham

Helped Address Issues and Find Solutions

“This workshop has really helped me and my family to address issues and find solutions whereas before it always ended in an argument or a feeling of guilt. The advice and discussions opened my mind and I feel more positive about my parenting skills now. I would recommend this to anyone who has kids.” – Pippa, Walton-on-Thames

Armed With Some Different Techniques To Try

“I really enjoyed my parenting course with Mette. It was extremely professional, very hands on and the team were happy to share their struggles as well as their strengths which really encouraged others to share their experiences as a parent. I have been on so many parenting courses when my older children were young but found their approach so professional, friendly and with lots of fresh ideas. I came away armed with some different techniques to try and it made me realise I do get a lot right as well as wrong!” – Jane, Weybridge


“Fabulous! Inspiring! Thought provoking and empowering!” – Katie, Knaphill

Lots of Helpful and Practical Ideas

“These workshops have really helped me to reflect on how I parent, what I hope for my family and how I can build towards that with lots of helpful and practical ideas.” – Sarah, Walton-on-Thames

Incredibly Insightful

“The Parenting in a Technology Driven World workshop has been incredibly insightful and has given me a lot to think about around how we wish to introduce technology within our family.  Mette was inspirational, professional and incredibly supportive of the challenges we faced; I would not hesitate in recommending her.” – Sophie, Windsor

We’ve Broken a Bad Cycle

“Coaching helped us break a cycle that had built up over the years.” – Matt, Birmingham

I Feel Positive About Helping My Son

“The workshop really made me feel positive that I can help my son with the issues he is going through.” – Paula, Weybridge

My Family is Happier

“The workshop made my family a happier place to be.” – Sally, Addlestone