The Story of Parenting Success

Parenting Success coaching was founded 13 years ago by Mette Theilmann.

Originally from Denmark, as a mother of three children, two of whom had special needs – Mette felt that the support she was looking for wasn’t readily available.

Therefore after reading a ton of books on parenting, taking courses and getting clear on what works and what doesn’t – she put her psychology degree and coaching credentials to good use – and set up Parenting Success. With the sole mission to support parents on their parenting journey. Mette has since supported hundreds of parents to become the best parent they can be – helping families thrive through workshops and 1:1 support. Today her own kids have flown the nest and she and her husband divide their time between Ireland and her native Denmark.

This summer Mette decided that the time was right to focus her energies on some of her other ambitions and allow Parenting Success to go on new adventures – led by, Louise Brooks. Mette is currently writing two books about her experience supporting parents throughout the last decade. If you wish to connect with her and follow her on her new journey you can do so here:

Mette Theilmann