Parenting Classes in Schools

Parenting workshops in schools

At Parenting Success, we understand that not everyone can make our workshop dates due to commitments. We offer coaching in the comfort of your home or workplace.

This can have a negative effect on our children who are more likely to arrive at school in the morning stressed, tired and unhappy – in the wrong state of mind to actually learn. Many parents begin their workday on an equally bad note and many teachers feel unable to do their job properly.

The schools that I have worked with have benefitted from greater parent satisfaction.

The better supported parents feel the greater the co-operation with the school. When schools and parents communicate well and work towards the same goals they are far more effective in meeting the needs of the children. I love going into schools and supporting mums and dads in becoming the best parent they can be; I always imagine them greeting their children afterwards with a renewed passion for parenting.

Parenting Success offers a range of workshop topics tailored for schools.

These include:

– self-esteem and resilience

– raising independent learners

– homework

– boundary setting

– Mindful parenting

– Managing Screen time

Benefits of our workshops for your school and their families:

  • Workshops are designed to empower parents to feel confident rather than frustrated and confused. Proud instead of guilty.
  • Through dynamic coaching activities we support parents to come up with positive alternatives to nagging, commanding and punishment, so that they are fully equipped to raise confident, independent and thriving children.
  • Your school will benefit from a community of parents who are committed to raising their children to become socially equipped, learning how to interact with both other children and adults, as well as being able to resolve playground issues and to positively respond to peer pressures.
  • Parents will be supported in becoming a positive example and role model for their children’s behaviour, actions and attitude.
  • Children will have learnt at home to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviours and will become more independent in tackling homework and demonstrating greater personal organisation. This, in turn, all helps to make children happy and confident and more organised learners, enabling them to focus on their activities in the classroom.
  • Our “Pop up Workshops” are easy for your school to host, all you need to provide are the parents and a chair for each parent.
  • I have up to date DBS check.
  • All workshop materials are included.

The above will all contribute towards making the pupils better learners as they will be supported to become independent and organised.

Please note that a minimum of 10 parents are required to attend these workshops. If you would like to find out more please CLICK HERE to get in touch today.