Parenting as a Team

At some point most parents will argue over how to discipline their children.

After all, we all have different backgrounds, values and beliefs.

You think that your ParentingSuccess-Coaching-Parenting-as-a-Teamchildren should be brought up a certain way, your spouse might have a different view and neither of you want to change!

This difference can cause frustration, irritation or anger in both of you and can, in some cases, cause friction in the relationship.

These disagreements are not good for the children to  experience.

They might start viewing themselves as the cause of the arguments, blaming themselves or start using it as a ‘tool’ to get what they want.

Arguing over which parenting style is the best is not a good example to set for our children, especially when we might need to tackle sibling rivalry at a later stage, as this sets an example of how to behave – to argue when they don’t get what they want.

I often hear parents saying that after they have attended our workshops they feel more confident and guilt-free as parents, but find it hard to see and hear their partner parent the ’old’ way’.

This can cause frustration as nobody likes to be told what to do or criticised by their partner.

How can we help you parent as a team?ParentSuccess-Coaching-Parenting-as-a-Team

  • At Parenting Success we can offer 1:1 parenting coaching where both parents are present. Here you will both get a chance to talk about what is important to you and together we will find a way for you to parent as a team, still allowing the differences to exist!  We will explore your family values and how you can meet in the middle.


  • We highly recommend both parents come along to the workshop so you experience the same information and can work together to agree on which tools and strategies will fit your family life.


  • If one of you has already attended our workshop your partner is more than welcome to attend the same ones at another date.


  • Alternatively, why not take advanced of our Pop-Up Workshop format where you can get a few couples together and host the workshops you are interested in at your home.


  • We are also offering some great workshops aimed specifically at Dads, please CLICK HERE to see our full list of workshops.

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