Home Hosting

We realise that our parents are often unable to join us on the workshop dates we have set, or they may wish to work through some of their challenges amongst friends.  So we have introduced a “Home Hosting” workshop format.  It is fairly similar to the standard workshop except you gather a minimum of 8 friends together and choose the workshop topic, date, time and location.

Home Hosting Parenting Workshops

The added bonus is that you, as the host, get the workshop for FREE.  We cover a wide range of topics including: Positive Discipline, Boost your Child’s Confidence, Parenting in a Technology Driven World, Sibling Peace, plus lots more.

Why home host one of our workshops?

  • The workshops are designed to empower parents to become confident instead of frustrated or confused, proud instead of guilty.
  • Through dynamic coaching activities we support parents to come up with positive alternatives to nagging, commanding and punishment, so that they are fully equipped to raise confident, independent and happy children.
  • Children will learn at home to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviours and become more independent in tackling homework and personal organisation.
  • Parents will be supported in becoming a positive example and role model for their children’s behaviour, actions and attitude.
  • We help parents to become more confident in their parenting skills and ready to raise their children to become socially equipped to face playground issues, peer pressure and learn how to socially interact with both other children and adults.
  • This, in turn, all helps to make children happy and confident and more organised learners, which will help them to focus on their activities in the classroom.
  • The workshops will restore some harmony and enjoyment to family life once again.
  • Topics to choose from: Positive Parenting, Raising Independent Children, Boost your Child’s Confidence, Raising Teenagers, Positive Parenting for Dads, Managing Screen Time.

For more information and to find a time which is right for you look below:

Louise Hoffmann brook louise@parentingsuccesscoaching.com