The stress of juggling the demands of children and work often takes its toll on parents’ personal and professional lives. At Parenting Success we can help working parents to find the work/ life balance which is right for them – we do believe it is possible!

Coaching for Full-Time Working Parents

Parenting Coaching in the Workplace

Being a full-time working parent can often lead to feelings of guilt and stress; it’s not a nice way to start your working day feeling guilty or sad about how the morning started, or upset that you are unable to collect your children from school.

Our aim is to help Mums and Dads become the best parents that they can through supporting them to think about ‘what it is that they want for their family life’ and how to make the necessary changes.

At Work Parenting Workshops

In our workshops we look at how to focus on a plan, get organised, and find the right balance between work and home.  We also explore the idea of “mindfulness” and how this can help us to become a better parent and employee:

  • We offer lunchtime workshops in the comfort of your place of work, where you can bring your lunch.
  • One-to-one parent coaching.
  • And one hour Parenting Talks on Mindfulness, the Key to happy Parenting and The Importance of Having Family Values.

Next Step

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