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Don’t let screens ruin your Christmas

Most wish for a new screen gadgets or an upgrade of current one. Often parents find that the time after Christmas is taken up with their kids being on the screens, not interested in family face to face time and it all ends in nagging and telling off. So, therefore, it is important to give this topic some mindful attention before the festive season starts – so our kid’s screens and ours won’t dominate Christmas.  Continue reading

Getting through the Halloween Sweet Frantic:

Children’s dream, go and get LOTS of sweet for free just by putting out a bucket – can be their parent’s nightmare!

But actually this can be a time to teach our kids a good lesson about physical and oral health, kindness, saving, earning and making choices.  Wow you might think, how? So here are our top tips to get through the Halloween sweet indulgence: Continue reading

Magical Family Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for many parents Christmas can be a time of stressing, overspending, pressure from kids/loved ones and yourself to create the perfect Christmas time. So why not try to make this Christmas about how you would like it to be, as a parent. What kind of memories would you like to create for your kids? What can you do, to do the things that you like to do with your family, friends and for yourself? Continue reading