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Was your holiday not as you hoped for?

Holidays are not just rainbows & butterflies!
The summer holidays are nearing an end, the heatwave has given way for occasional torrential down pours and for most families around the UK this week marks the beginning of the end of what for some was;
-A fantastic summer
-A mediocre summer
-A hectic, stressful and demanding 6 weeks of constant togetherness.
-The summer that saw the kids getting the A level and GCSE results of their dreams. Or the summer where they learned that they didn’t get into their Uni of choice?

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This is what Christmas is all about!

Christmas brings lots of joy, magic, hope and light in the darkness. But it can for many families it is also the time of the year when parents really turn up the stress in order to get everything done in time and the prefect way. We want to make sure that everyone (especially the kids) enjoy and remember this time of the year.  There are so many should, most, need to and often not enough time, energy and money Continue reading

Become the best parent you can be in the new year

I think that most of us can agree that parenting can be tough! We might feel that we can do a better job and that we would like to change and become a more happy, confident, fair and positive parent. However, we don’t know how to and what steps to take. Or we might have tried, failed and given up!

But it IS possible to become the parent that you want & need to be for your family. Here are our 5 tips that will help you to become the parent you want to be in 2017: Continue reading