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Healthy eating is the foundation for a happy and healthy child.  If you are always stuck for ideas fear not, read on to discover some great hints and tips from the team.

Rewards that are beneficial for body & mind

I am sure we have all been there: where we would do ANYTHING to get our kids to do what we need them to do, i.e. revise for an exam, get those grades, do their homework, go to school without throwing a tantrum (for all ages!), eat their dinner, go to bed or maybe just be nice to their siblings! Continue reading

Getting through the Halloween Sweet Frantic:

Children’s dream, go and get LOTS of sweet for free just by putting out a bucket – can be their parent’s nightmare!

But actually this can be a time to teach our kids a good lesson about physical and oral health, kindness, saving, earning and making choices.  Wow you might think, how? So here are our top tips to get through the Halloween sweet indulgence: Continue reading

How do you Role Model Healthy Eating?

Tips to becoming a great food role model: Babies start imitating their parents almost straight away; they smile when we smile, make similar noises, repeat words and eating is no different. Raising a healthy eater starts with us! Kids are your food shadows! So how and what you eat and shop, and even your attitude to food, they will copy!  You have an important role in guiding and coaching your children as they make choices about eating.  Children who see their parents buying, cooking and eating healthy foods are more likely to eat healthy foods themselves – we eat what we are familiar with! Continue reading

Ten Tips to Plan & Prepare Healthy Family Meals

How to plan and prepare for healthy eating and attitude:

We understand that family life can be very busy and we often hear parents say that they don’t have time to cook and eat homemade healthy food or let the kids help with dinner as they feel it takes longer, there is too little time and it’s messy.

It’s when we are stressed, disorganised and unprepared that we grab a pizza, chips or reach for those salty ready meals.

With a little bit of planning everything is possible and even the busiest families can shop, cook and eat healthily.
Continue reading