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Rewards that are beneficial for body & mind

I am sure we have all been there: where we would do ANYTHING to get our kids to do what we need them to do, i.e. revise for an exam, get those grades, do their homework, go to school without throwing a tantrum (for all ages!), eat their dinner, go to bed or maybe just be nice to their siblings! Continue reading

Was your holiday not as you hoped for?

Holidays are not just rainbows & butterflies!
The summer holidays are nearing an end, the heatwave has given way for occasional torrential down pours and for most families around the UK this week marks the beginning of the end of what for some was;
-A fantastic summer
-A mediocre summer
-A hectic, stressful and demanding 6 weeks of constant togetherness.
-The summer that saw the kids getting the A level and GCSE results of their dreams. Or the summer where they learned that they didn’t get into their Uni of choice?

Continue reading