About Parenting Success

Louise Hoffmann Brooks


BSc Psych, Parent and Family advisor / owner of Parenting Success

When I became pregnant with my daughter – I was busy finishing my degree in Psychology in London. A study that I loved and was convinced would set me up for motherhood. I imagined that knowing everything I knew about the human mind I could avoid all of the pitfalls that you hear about before you become a parent. Because knowledge is power, right!? Turns out – it didn’t quite work that way. I – like I’m sure you’ve experienced too – was cracked open the minute I held that baby in my arms. Suddenly feeling every emotion more intensely. Amazing feelings like love, connection and empathy. But as my daughter grew older and developed a mind of her own – feelings of anger, frustration and worry was now also on the menu – on a scale I hadn’t felt before.

Sounds familiar?

The fact is – no book or study can prepare you for that. Or allow you to outsmart that process. I am a firm believer that that isn’t the point either. I believe that the journey can only really START when you become a parent and if you chose to look at it as an invitation to learn more about yourself and address some of that baggage that we all carry.

What baggage?

You might ask. The stuff that takes over when you parent on autopilot and find yourself sounding like your own mum or dad when you speak to your child. Because I accepted the invitation an amazing journey began for me and my family when I joined a family therapy institute in my native Denmark and eventually became a Family and Parent Advisor. The tools and insights I gained during that time made such a positive difference to the way I relate to my children and view our family dynamics that I knew I had to share what I have come to understand with other parents.

Because I know for a fact that we are all struggling at times. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Juggling the demands of a career and busy family life can get in the way of all the best intentions we had when we first became parents. It can feel difficult to change habits and unwanted family dynamics without the inspiration and help from something outside of ourselves. I live with my English husband and our two children in Surrey. We raise our children to be bilingual and have clocked up a fair amount of airmiles over the years visiting relatives in Denmark and Sweden.