About Parenting Success

At Parenting Success we are not just about running ‘courses’ as such. What we do is very different.

Working with you

We work with you to help you deal with your individual challenges that are driving you to distraction, and help you overcome difficult behaviour you can’t seem to crack.

Parenting classes home hostingFeeling out of control can be one of the worst emotions to deal with and we help you find ways to handle situations so you can breathe easy again and enjoy being a parent.

Tools and Techniques That Work

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t have all the answers (who does?), but we do know our range of tools and techniques have worked for many many parents [read some stories here] and we’re here to listen, to empathise and to help you find a way through your tricky parenting times.

Effective Parenting Strategies

We provide effective strategies that you can start to implement straight away and many parents report that often this change of approach really makes an impact.

Parenting Success works from the relationship based concept, Effective Parenting, where connection is at the root of all good parenting.

How We Support You

You can tap into our support via workshops, home based parenting partiesand 121 coaching. We offer all these different ways to work with us as some people prefer to interact and share experiences with other parents, whereas others feel they have very individual problems and benefit more from our 121 support.

As well as dealing with the more challenging times, we are also here to help you nurture your children as they grow and we offer positive parenting strategies to help your children develop more independence and confidence.

Independent Confident Children

This can really benefit them when going to school, and of course, set them up with strong values for life.

We are here to show you, in a friendly, non-judgemental way, that by understanding more about how your children think you can learn to enjoy them more and all of your lives can become so much easier!

At School and Work

As well as our individual work, we also work with schools providing workshops for parents and teachers and we work with many corporates, supporting employees as part of HR commitments and health and wellbeing initiatives, so please shout if you’d like us to explore those avenues for you too.

What next?

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