Parent, Love & Forgive

To my child,

I wrote this letter to make me feel better…

I know you think I’m hard on you and at times unfair, maybe even stupid! And I am. Because I love you. Because I want to be able to look into the future and know I can look back and say that I was the best parent I could be for you and for me. From a place of parenting, love & forgiveness.

I set rules and limits that you don’t like and you say that you hate me. But don’t worry, I know that you love me and always will. And that you already feel guilty. But also that you know I have already forgiven you. Because that is what I do: Parent, Love & Forgive.

It hurts now, both you and me. I know, but I also know that you will be (and are) amazing and it’s just a phase you have to go through. But don’t worry, I am here for you, I won’t leave, I’m not going anywhere. I am stable, solid and strong. I will walk, crawl or run right next to you. I will not push or pull. Just be at your side, and guide you with Parenting, Love & Forgiveness.

I know you think you want me to back off, go away, and stop. But I am certain that deep down you want to say, ‘Parent, Love & Forgive me. Keep doing what you are doing, it feels good, safe and right.’  I also know that you do respect me for being stable, solid and strong enough to Parent, Love & Forgive you.

I love you, unconditionally, just like this, now and always. No strings attached. Being this parent who dares to care enough to Parent, Love & Forgive is my greatest declaration of love to you.

I love you too much to let you behave like that. I love you too much not to Parent, Love & Forgive.

At least this is what I tell myself every day when I feel weak, frustrated and confused.

This is my letter that made me feel better.

From the ParentingSuccess Team
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