Sibling Peace

Do your children regularly fall out, are they jealous of each other or is sibling rivalry having a negative impact on your family?  If the answer is yes to any of the above you are not alone and this workshop could be for you.

The main focus of the workshop is:

  • Understand why siblings fight, what they get out of it and what can we do to stop it, without yelling or loosing our temper.
  • We will look at how we can help them problem solve their issues so they can sort things out in the long-term without support.
  • Explore ways to change the dynamics of the situation with small changes to ourselves.

This workshop is relevant to parents of siblings of all ages.  Rivalry can develop at all stages, not just younger children.  Older children who are close in age fight as well and it can become physical, loud, mean and very disturbing to listen to!

Contact Mette for more details.