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Create a Family Team!

We love supporting the family as a whole and can come to your home and offer Family Coaching. What is Family coaching: When we support the family as a whole. We will come to your home to observe, feel and see what is going on. We are not there to judge, point fingers, blame or shame but to give you a ‘fresh view’ from an outsider and offer you new tools and tips that will keep you moving forward. Continue reading

Has Parenting Become a Burden? Find your playful Parent!

Find your playful parent

Family life can be very busy and it is easy to lose track of WHY we had kids in the first place. Often we simply lose our way in the rush of daily chores, activities, worries, disciplining and running around!  We might feel disappointed that family life has not turned out as we hoped,  or about the parent we thought we would be!

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Breathing is a Powerful Parenting Tool!

We take breathing for granted; it is something we just do every day!  But family life can be very busy and we might feel that we don’t have time to stop and take a break to meditate or re-energise. The good news though is that it doesn’t have to take more than a minute or even a few seconds to reboot, to boost yourself, to rescue yourself from a ‘panicked or stressful’ moment or avoid doing or saying something you will regret later on. Continue reading

Should I give my child an exam gift?

What do I get for passing my SATs, entry exams, GCSEs, A levels?

My son is doing his GCSEs and just asked me, ‘Mum what do you get for doing your exams and studying hard?’  My reply was, ‘Well you get good grades, an opportunity to stay at your school to do A levels, to go to Uni (if you want to) and hopefully get a good job.’  My son: ‘that’s not good enough, EVERYONE else gets money for each A or B they get!’.  What’s next? What do I get for getting up in the morning at Uni, finding myself a job, earning money?  Here is the difference between motivating our child and bribing them…
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