Become a Better Parent in 10mins!

As parents we are always on the go and might feel we don’t have time to implement  the tools and strategies that we know that we should. But here are the good news; it does not take more than 10mins a day to make small, but important, improvement to your parenting style and family life. Here are our tips of how you can become a happier parent by spending 10mins of the below topics:     Continue reading

Become the best parent you can be!

I think that most of us can agree that parenting can be tough! We might feel that we can do a better job and that we would like to change and become a more happy, confident, fair and positive parent. However, we might not always know what steps to take. Or we might have tried, failed and given up! But the good news is that it IS possible to become the parent that you want & need to be for your family. Here are our 5 tips that will help you to become the parent you want to be: Continue reading

Parent to the Sound of Silence!

Noise is pollution to us and our kids and is everywhere all the time. We are getting so used to it that we might not even notice it anymore, we just accept and live with it, all the time! But let us support you to parent to the sounds of silence and in the process of bringing more harmony, peace and happiness into your home. Continue reading

You are grounded!

As parents we tend to have a lot on all the time, which means we are either physically on the go (daily chores and responsibilities) or mentally (thinking about what is next of the agenda, worries or frustration) on the go all the time.   By being physically and mentally on the go all the time means that we are rarely really in the moment with ourselves, our children and life in general, which can have a negative effect on ours and our Continue reading