Parent like a Dane

Denmark is quoted as one of the happiest countries in the world, and the Danes are known to raise confident, happy and empathetic kids. So I had a good look at what really happens in Danish homes so I can enlighten you on the subject of “parenting like a Dane” with the following 6 tips! Continue reading

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Show our kids some love

It can sometimes be hard to like our kids if we feel that it is going terribly wrong in our family life, but we need to remind ourselves, and them, that we will always LOVE them, unconditionally!  So let’s make it part of our everyday life to express who we love, what we love and why!  Read on to discover some good parenting tips from the team at ParentingSuccess Coaching to overcome some of the challenges we face. Continue reading

Parenting Detox

How to show that you really LOVE your child

What is love? Is it giving our kids what they want, when they want it? Endless hours of screen time? Endless sweets and dessert, hugs, kisses, food, clothes?

Love comes in many shapes and forms and yes love is a hug and a kiss and a ‘love you’, but love is more than that. Continue reading

Parenting Detox

Parenting Detox in 2017

After a nice and long holiday we often come back relaxed and a better parent because we don’t have to worry about rushing out the door in the morning, getting to appointments or activities and remembering 101 things. But why not make 2017 a special year and start with a Parenting Detox.  What do we mean by this? Well, start to do things differently, stop doing things that don’t work and start doing new things that will lead to a positive change! Continue reading