My child doesn’t Listen!

This is a complaint we, at ParentingSuccess hear often – and the frustration is real. And as a mother myself – I cannot claim to have children who listen 100% of the time. We get tired of shouting out the same commands 60 times an hour (because that’s the scarily high number of times we have been found to give instructions on an hourly basis). And the tone in our household soon becomes depressing when mum and dad feel they have to constantly nag, remind and tell off. Continue reading

STOP saying STOP!

Dear Parents
While I was travelling home from DK I sat in front of a family of 2 kids (around 3 and 5). The oldest said before she got on the flight ‘I am scared’ and mother said ‘STOP being scared, there is nothing to be scared of’. On the plane the child got more and more upset and started crying. The Mother said ‘STOP being scared, STOP crying’ and the girl kept crying and being scared. Continue reading

Become a Better Parent in 10mins!

As parents we are always on the go and might feel we don’t have time to implement  the tools and strategies that we know that we should. But here are the good news; it does not take more than 10mins a day to make small, but important, improvement to your parenting style and family life. Here are our tips of how you can become a happier parent by spending 10mins of the below topics:     Continue reading