Area Facilitator - Heather Lewis-Fallows

Heather Lewis-FallowsArea FacilitatorBrighton and Lewes

Heather lives in Brighton with her husband Matthew and their two young children Barny (aged 3) and Rosie (aged 1).

A passionate child centred educationalist, Heather is a proud graduate of the University of Brighton where she studied her BA Hons in Primary Education. Having taught for 8 years, her specialisim in drama and interest in supporting children and families with special needs has driven her to include all within her weekly drama group for home educated children.

With an NVQ in Team Leading and 9 years of management and coaching experience, Heather mirrors her individual centred approach with everyone she supports.

As Area facilitator for Brighton and Lewes, she believes that the key to a happy family and to our success as parents lies in finding and knowing everyone’s skills and talents and by empowering all to contribute to family life. She feels that when we feel appreciated as individuals and as part of ‘the team’ we can all work together and ultimately have more fun together!